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USLacrosse Parent Handbook Youth Boys Introduction


Attack (3 per team)
The attackman’s responsibility is to:
  • Score goals and assist goals by passing the ball
  • Stay on the offensive side of the field
  • Demonstrate excellent stick work with both hands and have quick feet
Midfield (3 per team)
The midfielder’s responsibility is to:
  • Cover the entire field playing offense and defense
  • Clear the ball from defense to offense
  • Demonstrate great stick work (throwing, catching, ground balls)
  • Possess speed and stamina
Defense (3 per team)
The defenseman’s responsibility is to:
  • Defend the goal
  • Be agile, aggressive and possess great stick work
  • Read any attackman’s play and react quickly in game situations
Goalie (1 per team)
The goalie’s responsibility is to:
  • Protect the goal and prevent the opposing team from scoring
  • Lead the defense by directing defensemen to react
  • Possess excellent hand-eye coordination and a strong voice